Fire Brigade Action Group

The group learned that the fire station was already being closed by stealth as persons who had retired in the previous years had not being replaced and crew numbers had fallen from 9 fire-fighters to 4.
The action group supported by local public representatives and a strong community spirit succeeded in challenging the closure. Negotiations saw the council agree to a new minimum staff level in Offaly of 8 fire-fighters. Following this agreement the committee pushed on the council to hold a recruitment drive and over the following 2 years staffing levels in Clara rose to the current level of 8 fire-fighters. During the same period 3 other fire stations in the county (Daingean, Kilcormac and Banagher) closed due to lack of manpower and low staffing levels.
Clara fire brigade attends an average of over 100 emergency calls each year. These include house fires, chimney fires and road accidents. They are also the primary response to cardiac arrest emergency calls in Clara. The fire crew is generally mobile within 3-4 minutes of receiving an emergency call. The Clara fire service action group remains concerned that in the future plans to close our local fire station will be revisited. The group continues to monitor the situation and will challenge any such plans, should they arise.
For further information, please contact:
Barry Flynn 087 2654634
Tim McMahon 085 1740453
Michelle Coyne 087 1232611