Clara Defibrillator Scheme

Clara Defibrillator Scheme operates in a number of different ways to assist people who collapse from sudden cardiac arrest (their heart stops beating) in the Clara area.
The scheme has a number of first responders (of-duty paramedics, fire-fighters and lay people) who are alerted by ambulance control on receipt of a 999 call confirming a cardiac arrest in Clara. These responders provide emergency care until the ambulance arrives.
The scheme also has in place a number of public access defibrillators around the area for use by people trained in their use.
Training is also provided free of charge by the scheme to anyone who would like to learn how to use a defibrillator and CPR. These courses only take a few hours and teach people what to do in case of a cardiac arrest.
Anyone interested in training or information about the scheme can contact Kevin 086 8252083 or Barry 087 2654634. Visit our Facebook page.